The H24Racing team managed by Jean-Michel Bouresche comprises top-level engineers and technicians who are all very experienced in the field of electric-hydrogen technology.

The H24Racing team was founded in the spring of 2019 to continue the work of the engineering team that had designed the LMPH2G and to transform this laboratory car into a racing prototype.
The team is based in the Signes business park adjacent to the Paul Ricard circuit. It is run by Jean-Michel Bouresche who has gathered around him a team of young engineers and technicians comprising experienced men and women and experts in new technologies in motor racing.
H24Racing kicked off the LMPH2G’s performance development programme before the summer of 2019 and continued with private test sessions on European circuits to measure the car against several types of tracks, climatic conditions and grip levels. The prototype then took part in two racing weekends (free practice) at the last two Michelin Le Mans Cup events Spa and then Portimao of the 2019 season.
Two people shared the car: its development driver, Olivier Lombard, who has probably covered more kilometers at the wheel of a high-performance electric-hydrogen prototype than anyone else, and Norman Nato, currently driving for Venturi in Formula E and Rebellion Racing in the WEC (two victories so far this season).

H24Racing, organisation:
General Manager/Team Principal: Jean-Michel Bouresche
Technical Coordinator: Hugues Lardy
Team Manager: Pierre-Lou Fleury
Chief Mechanic: Guillaume Damaville
Mechanic: Jérôme Tétier
Truckies: Frédéric Chassat, Brice Chassat
GreenGT powertrain Technical Support:
. Head of Project: Marc Polard
. System and command control engineer: Jérome Bernard
. Fuel cell Engineer: Thomas Joly
Administrative & Financial Director: Olivier Le Gac
Medias and P.R.: Carole Capitaine, François Granet, Charles Guénant

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