The new MissionH24 racing car is now called the H24EVO. Unveiled on 11 October, the electric-hydrogen prototype is the new flagbearer of the project to promote hydrogen in racing initiated by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest and orchestrated by H24Project. A panel composed of ACO president Pierre Fillon and H24Project president Jean-Michel Bouresche who co-chair MissionH24, project sponsor Richard Mille, and drivers Norman Nato and Stéphane Richelmi selected the name among suggestions from members of the project’s online community.

The H24EVO takes up the baton from the H24 and the LMPH2G in the race to achieve zero-carbon motor racing. Its maiden outing is scheduled for 2025 when it will set out to demonstrate the role that hydrogen can play in terms of performance and the energy transition we need to undertake to save the planet.

MissionH24’s aim is to introduce a class for hydrogen prototypes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A dozen constructors from around the world have been working towards this goal for several years now. As a pioneer in hydrogen-powered racing, the H24EVO is a precious tool with which to experiment the technology.

As soon it receives FIA homologation, the prototype will be entered for the Michelin Le Mans Cup. In the meantime, the car will be on display at the next 24 Hours of Le Mans, 12–16 June 2024. When the time comes, it will cut a unique figure in a field of fossil-fuel combustion engine vehicles, thanks to its sleek, alluring look and technical features resulting from the feedback of its predecessors.


Pierre Fillon, ACO president and MissionH24 joint chair:

“The third MissionH24 prototype is the result of several years’ experience with this new technology on the racetrack and the road. But this isn’t just a demonstration to get admiring looks. It’s proof that hydrogen has true potential. It’s our way of making our strategy real for the motor racing community and motorists in general. Explaining our approach and sharing our findings are part of how we work. It’s a team effort.”


Jean-Michel Bouresche, Head of the H24Project and MissionH24 joint chair:

“The name of the third MissionH24 prototype reflects our programme. Short and snappy, H24EVO points to our rapid progress over little time. The car opens a new chapter with the promise of an exciting future. With H24EVO, carbon-free mobility is fast becoming a reality.”


Richard Mille, MissionH24 partner:

“A name sums up a programme, an idea, a challenge. To me, it was important that the name of this new prototype epitomise the values at work in this pioneering effort. Initiated in 2018, MissionH24 embodies our strategy and beliefs. A zero-emission racing car, heading towards zero-carbon motor racing and mobility, merits a singular name: H24EVO is another milestone in the pursuit of our goals for endurance racing and travel in general.”


Norman Nato:

“This car’s design is as promising as the technical improvements it incorporates. Will its performance match its looks? Let’s just say it’s the goal we have set ourselves, especially as the development of the electric-hydrogen prototype contributes greatly to MissionH24’s overall progress.”


Stéphane Richelmi:

“Naming a car isn’t as easy as it might seem, and we were grateful for the suggestions from our followers. We opted for a name that indicates that our programme continues to evolve. I must say I’m looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the H24EVO!”