MissionH24 relies on technological partners, all leaders in their sectors, which are exploring the universe of electric-hydrogen propulsion as they too prepare the future of motor sport.


TotalEnergies joined MissionH24 very soon after the launch of the project by becoming its reference partner. The French energy company provides essential expertise in refueling management for which it has created a unique mobile refueling station that travels to all the circuits with MissionH24.


By becoming a MissionH24 partner, Michelin is now directly involved in the technical solutions linked to the motorisation of racing prototypes while remaining the exclusive tyre supplier for MissionH24.


Symbio will bring its expertise in hydrogen systems for mobility. It is the exclusive fuel cell supplier for MissionH24.


Richard Mille, a tech-savvy visionary, who presides over the destiny of the brand to which he gave his name, has followed with interest the development of the project since its launch in 2018 and has decided to use it as a vector for his communication. The Swiss luxury watch brand is accompanying the MissionH24 program since the end of the 2020 season.


Plastic Omnium is among the biggest automotive equipment suppliers in the world. Thanks to the MissionH24 programme the French giant will be able to develop the first fuel tank for racing cars at 700 bars, which will exclusively equip the competitors entering the electric-hydrogen category that will be part of the 2027 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Dietsmann is the biggest independent specialist in operations and maintenance for energy production sites. For over 40 years, the company has supplied its services to hundreds of production installations all over the world and implements the most appropriate and effective operational methods and maintenance technologies.


Essilor is the #1 in spectacle lenses worldwide*. Essilor designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of solutions dedicated to each individual’s vision needs and lifestyle. Every lens Essilor creates is a combination of multiple complementary technologies that correct vision, protect eyes from UV and blue-violet light and enhance clarity of lenses, to allow people to see more and do more.
*Source: Euromonitor, Eyewear 2021 edition; Essilor International company; worldwide retail value sales at RSP.

« As soon as the Mission24 project was launched it was clear to TotalEnergies that it was a programme we wanted to be involved in. Hydrogen is one of the most promising tangible solutions to make the energetic transition of mobility a success. The two companies are doing a great job promoting this aim in the realm of motor sport. The introduction of a category reserved for prototypes powered by electric-hydrogen propulsion in the 2025 24 Hours of Le Mans goes with the flow of history. »

Pierre-Gautier Caloni

TotalEnergies Head of Sponsoring & Competition

Rethinking refueling

TotalEnergies has designed and produced the first mobile hydrogen refueling station. It can be transported from circuit to circuit and enables the racing prototype in the MissionH24 program to fill up with hydrogen in just a few minutes. When the team’s refueling technician connects the hose to the fuel tank an infrared system enables the refueling station “to talk” to the car and optimize the refueling speed depending on the quantity to be injected as well as on weather conditions (temperature, atmospheric pressure).
Refueling time will be greatly reduced as soon as the refueling pressure, currently 350 bar, increases to 700 bar thanks to developments TotalEnergies is currently working on to improve the performance of the station.

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