GreenGT MissionH24 LMPH2G (à g. left) & H24 (à d. right). Copyright MissionH24 Antonin Vincent.

The new H24 racing prototype is preparing its first testing session!

The H24Racing team, which has been running the GreenGT LMPH2G (left) since 2018 in the context of the MissionH24 programme, is preparing the new prototype, the H24 (right), first appearance on the track.

The new electric hydrogen powered racing car shakedown will occur in the next days. We will share with you this very important moment in the life of the MissionH24 programme.

20210115 Stoffel Vandoorne. Image copyright Norman Nato.

Stoffel Vandoorne joins Norman Nato for H24Racing

Belgian driver, Stoffel Vandoorne, is joining MissionH24. Alongside Frenchman Norman Nato he will contribute to the performance development programme of the H24Racing team’s electric-hydrogen-powered prototypes.
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