20210308 LURCY_LEVIS H24 #547 copyright MissionH24_Th.Gromik

The new H24 completed its first 2021 track test session

The new electric hydrogen powered racing prototype of the MissionH24 program completed two successful days of tests on the Lurcy-Lévis testing track. Norman Nato was at the wheel. The car is back in the GreenGT facilities to receive its first upgrading and systems improvements (hi-resolution pictures ont request).

The LMPH2G installed at the front of the starting grid for the 24 Hours a few moments before its Lap of Honour. Copyright MissionH24.

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Dingo video clip « Paris au fil de l’eau avec MissionH24 »:
Clip 1’
Clip 2’


MissionH24’ last 24 months story:


Pierre Fillon, President of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, about MissionH24:


Pierre-Gautier Caloni, Head of Total Motorsport, about MissionH24:


Eduardo Freitas, FIA-WEC Race Director, about MissionH24:


Pierre Fillon driving the LMPH2G on the Le Mans circuit, with a prestigious passenger onboard: Lord Mayor of Le Mans and former Minister Stéphane Le Foll:


Carlos Tavares, CEO the Stellantis (PSA-FCA) automobile Group, about MissionH24:
and the report on his driving test of the car:


MissionH24 at the 88th 24 Hours of Le Mans:

A message to MissionH24 from Jean Todt, Président of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile:

Friday 18th, Highlights:

Saturday 19th, Highlights:

2020 MissionH24 - GreenGT LMPH2G infographie. Copyright MissionH24-GreenGT.

MissionH24' 2018-2020 electric-hydrogen racing prototype LMPH2G

The electric-hydrogen racing prototype LMPH2G of the 2018-2020 MissionH24 program.
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Bertrand Piccard roule avec MissionH24 28 mars 2019 Le Mans - 72x1000

MissionH24 – Bertrand Piccard on board the LMPH2G

28th March 2019
MissionH24 – Bertrand Piccard on board the LMPH2G