MissionH24 and the Industry, in Lyon

On the occasion of Global Industrie, the largest French showcase of industrial innovation, organized at Eurexpo in Lyon from March 7 to 10, the hydrogen sports program of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest and GreenGT is well present during this event dedicated to professionals as well as the public: one of the hydrogen electric prototypes is thus exhibited during these four days, while Bernard Niclot, Innovation Manager of MissionH24, introduces a round table dedicated to hydrogen and its opportunities for the industry in France, and Pierre Fillon, President of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, contributes to the presentation of a prize, the Golden Tech. The theme of this competition in 2023: the hydrogen car.

As the 24 Hours of Le Mans celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, 100 years of passion and innovation, the natural link between the famous endurance race and technological research is more relevant than ever, at a time of energy transition and the challenges it entails.

As a technological demonstrator of a possible sustainable mobility, the electric hydrogen prototype of the MissionH24 program, a collaboration between the Automobile Club de l'Ouest and GreenGT, has its place at Global Industrie, the largest French event dedicated to industrial innovation, from March 7 to 10, in Lyon, Eurexpo, in the area dedicated to Golden Tech, Hall 4. This zero-emission car will showcase the collaboration of various partners with the engineers of the race team to realize the potential of hydrogen. Research, innovation and testing are part of their daily work, just like many players in French industry facing the current challenges.

This 2023 edition of Global Industrie is developing the theme of hydrogen, in particular through the Golden Tech competition, which will deliver its verdict on March 10 at 1 pm (Hall 4, Eurexpo). Pierre Fillon, president of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, has been invited, via a video, to participate in the celebration of the winners who will have competed with ingenuity on "the hydrogen car". Fourteen trades or rings will be represented.

Bernard Niclot, Head of Innovation at MissionH24, will launch a round table discussion on the opportunities offered by hydrogen to industry. See you on March 9, from 4 pm, Hall 1.

Automobile racing, endurance racing and the 24 Hours of Le Mans are proof, if any were needed, of their roots in mobility and the industrial challenges associated with it.

The H24's racing clock

The 2023 livery of the H24, the electric-hydrogen prototype of the MissionH24 program, a collaboration between the Automobile Club de l'Ouest and GreenGT for a zero-emission competition, is now known, as of March 1, 2023.

In Brussels, on the occasion of a strategic announcement for European energy autonomy, via hydrogen, the team presented, with its partners, the new colors of this pioneering race car.

A stopwatch appears on the roof of the car, with a blue profile and a white one. This stopwatch delivers two important messages. It symbolizes the hundred years of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, celebrated in 2023, and the time that this zero-emission sports program, via hydrogen, wants to save for the planet, by reducing CO2 emissions.

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