MissionH24 and the Ballon d'Or

Today, the H24, the electric hydrogen prototype from the MissionH24 programme, paraded one of the most prestigious sports trophies in the world, the Ballon d’Or, through the streets of Paris in the run-up to the international footballers’ annual prize-giving ceremony.

MissionH24 played a starring role in the Ballon d'Or celebrations on 30 October, as the H24 completed the final stretch of the trophies’ journey through the streets of Paris to the red carpet outside the Théâtre du Châtelet, the venue for the prestigious football award honouring the best male and female footballers of the season.

An activation imagined in collaboration with Amaury Media and France Football and broadcast on the L’Equipe channel.

The H24, the first electric hydrogen racing prototype, was driven by Stéphane Richelmi, who delivered the trophies to the hosts of the gala event. This was a remarkable – and most importantly – sustainable choice of transport, since the H24 is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and emits nothing but water from its exhaust. In the course of its short Parisian trip, it emitted 0.4 litres of pure water.
Mission H24’s vocation is to create a class for hydrogen-powered cars at the 2026 24 Hours of Le Mans to achieve zero-emission racing and mobility.

Stéphane Richelmi, H24 driver at the wheel with the Ballon d'Or on 30 October 2023:

"I have to admit that of all the passengers I've taken on board my electric hydrogen prototype, these two Ballons d'Or trophies were the most surprising and perhaps the most spectacular. A few minor adjustments and maximum concentration were required to drive through the streets of Paris at this pace. As we pulled up at the venue, the H24 drew admiring glances from the world's leading male and female footballers and no doubt piqued the curiosity of the hundreds of millions of TV viewers waiting to hear the names of the 2023 winners. It was a privilege to have been entrusted with the sustainable, zero-emission delivery of these two coveted awards!”

Pierre Fillon, President of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest and co-president of MissionH24:

“Tonight's operation saw the H24 hydrogen electric prototype transport the Ballon d'Or through the streets of Paris and shows how different sports can work together to help bring about the energy transition. All sports have a role to play in the quest for zero emissions and sharing experiences can only be a good thing. I’m particularly proud of tonight’s event and the sustainable initiatives we’ve undertaken.”

MissionH24 answered Madrid’s Global Mobility Call

MissionH24 is just back from Madrid, where its representatives from the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) and H24Project continued their venture to promote hydrogen as a solution for transport at Global Mobility Call, a major international event on sustainable mobility. Displayed at the congress entrance from 24 to 26 October, the LMPH2G electric-hydrogen prototype attracted its fair share of attention. Meanwhile, ACO President Pierre Fillon gave a presentation on the crucial role that the Endurance discipline is playing in the move towards zero-carbon mobility.

The sleek lines of the LMPH2G were the subject of much admiration and curiosity during the three-day congress in the Spanish capital. True to the DNA of the ACO, founded in 1906 and organiser of the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 1923, the electric-hydrogen prototype is breaking new ground in motorsport, proving the potential of hydrogen in mobility for all. In today’s world, freedom of movement cannot be dissociated with our duty to respect our environment.

Endurance racing is determined to lead the way to zero-carbon mobility. Since 2018, when the MissionH24 project was launched, the discipline has been promoting zero-carbon racing. In 2026, the 24 Hours of Le Mans will comprise a class for hydrogen-powered cars and the prospect is a source of inspiration for numerous carmakers.

Thanks to the LMPH2G, the intentions of MissionH24 were clearly visible to visitors at Madrid’s Ifema over the past few days. Many admirers are pioneers in their own right, among them explorer and environmentalist Bertrand Piccard, who enjoyed a ride in the LMPH2G at Le Mans in the early days of the project. Other important visitors were Ifema Madrid president José Vicente de los Mozos, FIA senate president Carmelo Sanz de Barros, José Ignacio Lijarcio, who came with several other representatives of the Spanish road safety foundation, Ignacio Varela of the Guardia Civile, José Manuel Escoin Cano, secretary general of the Spanish chamber of commerce in France, Director-General for Traffic Pere Navarro, as well as representatives of project partners TotalEnergies, Michelin, Symbio, Plastic Omnium, Richard Mille, Dietsmann and Essilor.

In his address to the congress on Wednesday, Pierre Fillon emphasised that the ACO’s strategy is part of a wider collaborative effort:  The ACO is promoting hydrogen in endurance racing because it suits our race format. But trains, trucks and buses can all run efficiently and effectively on hydrogen. Several other forms of transport could follow suit.

That said, we are not claiming that hydrogen is THE solution. I am often told that it will be very difficult for hydrogen to become the solution for the future.

Of course, hydrogen is not THE solution – it is ONE of the solutions. Today, there are many forms of mobility for very different purposes. And the number of vehicles is much greater than it was sixty years ago. We shall have to rethink how we travel and, above all, how we manage our energy resources. There will be more than one solution. That’s the situation and, in a way, it’s more reassuring than relying on just one form of energy. We owe our energies the same consideration and respect as we owe our environment. Engineers and research scientists are working with determination and conviction on a multitude of solutions. 

I must say, however, that energy transition is everyone’s business. We cannot rely solely on research, science and technology. There must be collective awareness of the situation. Teamwork is necessary for a successful transition, to maintain our freedom of movement. With less pressure on the planet.

MissionH24 is one of the components of the teamwork led by all the key players in mobility gathered here.

MissionH24 unveils a brand new hydrogen electric prototype

After the LMPH2G and the H24, MissionH24, a collaborative project between the Automobile Club de l'Ouest and H24Project, presents this October 11, 2023 a brand new hydrogen electric prototype.

The new hydrogen electric prototype more distinguished, it displays very different ambitions. After introducing hydrogen on the track, MissionH24 is now introducing hydrogen in competition, for a race with zero CO2 emissions.

With the support of its partners, TotalEnergies, Michelin, Symbio, Plastic Omnium, Richard Mille, Dietsmann and Essilor, discover the new prototype of MissionH24.

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